FORIG | What to see in Algarve?
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What to see in Algarve?

What to see in Algarve?

I have had the opportunity to go to many interesting places in the world. One of them was Portugal’s Algarve city.

Unfortunately, there were no direct flights from my country to the Algarve. So I had to fly to Lisbon first to get to Algarve. You have two alternatives from here. You go straight to the Algarve. Or spend a day or two in Lisbon and then take the plane or the bus to the Algarve. Obviously, a 3-hour bus journey is not a bad alternative, given the time lapsed at the airport, but if you are going to take the plane, make sure to use Faro airport transer at the airport.

Sagres is a place where Portugal’s most important seafarers have been growing for years. Henry The Navigator, the third child of King John I of Portugal, opened a very important maritime school in Sagres in the year 1400, and the marines who came here made very important discoveries. Vasco de Gama is the first to come to mind.

Our next stop after Sagres was Lagos. Situated 35 km east of Cape Sagres, this small fishing town is worth seeing with its small narrow streets and pleasant cafes. Lagos is a delightful destination that brings together the traces of both Umayyad and Portugal.

Also, it is not possible to come to the Algarve and ignore the beautiful long beaches. It is possible to find long beaches easily in many regions of the Algarve.

So, all in all, it was a great trip, and i enjoyed all the bits of it.

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