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How to smoke weed

How to smoke weed

When you travel abroad, you might be curious to try smoking marijuana, however you should be careful as it is not healthy. Marijuana can be smoked either in cigarette form or through dab rigs.

In Cigarette Form

When we smoke the cannabis, the tar and carbon monoxide, which are harmful to health, are also taken into the lungs. Burning tar will damage the lung and will leave solid particles and ashes in the lungs. It can cause many diseases such as bronchitis and cancer.

If the person wants to continue using cannabis despite all their damages, some clues can make it less harmful to the lungs and the breech:

1. Smoking should not be held in the lungs for too long and should not be pulled in too much. This does not make the person’s head better, it only damages the lungs more. The lungs suck the juniper very quickly, which means that your lungs hold longer and your lungs absorb more tar, not more cannabis.

2. Mixing cannabis with cigarettes causes more smoke in the lungs and damages the lungs more. If you are not using cigarettes, you may be a nicotine addict.

3. Surroundings should be respected and do not drink cannabis next to friends who do not want to drink. Especially with the children.

4. The quality and stamina of hashish are very diverse. If a new commodity is being tested, a breath must be taken to look at the rigidity before the head is good. To see the effect, wait ten minutes after each breathing.

5. Bong or water pipe instead of drinking a cigarette, or eating or making tea can be less harmful to health. Bong and narghile reduce the ratio of tar in the bottom and less damage to the lungs.

6. Smoking should not be shared with others to avoid colds and other infections.

In Bong Form

1. Bonging with iced water in particular can reduce the damage of hot smoke-free smoke. Bong cools the fume, drains the solid particles and water sucks the harmful tar.

2. Cheesecloth or bong should always be wiped with cheesecloth to avoid ashes, ashes and solid matter. To avoid damaging the lungs, you must be sure that the water does not come up either.

3. Smoke should not be breathed too deeply as it is unobstructed.

4. Water must be changed for each bong. Nargile and bong should be cleaned frequently. Using glass tubes is always healthier because toxic substances can become unpleasant when plastic or rubber is accidentally burned.

5. Care should be taken that the pipe is thin. Hookah or bong can be kept in the freezer and the smoke can be cooled in each hitch.

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