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Flora and Fauna of Bali

Flora and Fauna of Bali

Flora and Fauna
For people visiting Bali, their stay will most likely be painted in the colors of the wildlife and amazing flora. The country possesses a large variety of natural sanctuaries and wildlife parks that work towards preserving the nature of Bali. These areas are open to the public and are popular tourist spots that attract many visitors every year. Despite being one of the most demanded tourist destinations in the world, Bali’s eco-system harbors many species of native fauna. Any individual staying in Bali is bound to encounter some interesting creatures, great and small, depending on how close they want to be with the wildlife.

Animals like leopards, tigers and panthers used to live in Bali in large amounts years ago, adorning the jungles and forests of the island with their beauty. Nowadays, even though they are still present on the island, running into one while exploring the island is quite unlikely to happen.

Balinese monkeys
One of the most popular wildlife area in Bali is the Ubud Monkey Forest. It is one of the places that can’t be missed during holidays in Bali. It is however recommended to be careful in the forest as the Balinese monkeys can be very unpredictable, thus visitors are not allowed to pet or feed them. However, seeing the interacting in their natural habitat in a lively way that cannot be seen in zoos can be really interesting. The macaques will be extremely wary of visitors even though they are usually well accustomed to human presence. The bravest among the monkeys will sneak up to the visitors close enough to steal their lunch and also if you watch them from a close distance they can be really entertaining and endearing in their mischief.

Komodo dragons
Another interesting spot would be the Komodo island where tourists can see the famous Komodo dragons, considered to be the largest lizards in the world, growing to up to ten meters.

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